Unimat Reversible Lite Mat For Kitchens

Sometimes you need a lite but high-quality mat for your kitchen and this option could be a nice alternative. I would like to present you the Unimat Reversible Lit Mat for Kitchens which is very useful as well as practical. This both-sized mat has ¼ inches thick and even though is not an absorbent one, is manufactured with 100% nitrile, has a great drainage, it has a complete anti-fatigue performance. Moreover, it is available in colors purple and brown which is very appropriate for certain kinds of kitchens.

Features and benefits
·       The Unimat Reversible is a non-absorbent closed-cell rubber mat
·       A reversible feature help you to extend its usage
·       Its nitrile development make this mat grease proof
·       Powerful drainage technology
·       Anti-slip and anti-fatigue mat
·       ¼ inches thick
·       Colors: black and red
·       Fast and simple to clean with desk brush

·       At home kitchens
·       At assembly lines
·       Counters
·       Bars

·       Special for waitress pick-up

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